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If you wish to pay your hospital or physician bill online, click on the corresponding link below. This will take you into the proper ZirMed patient portal where you will have the ability to pay for your outstanding balance, set up payment plans, and view your statements.


Understanding Your Bill

As a patient at St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital, you will receive separate statements of charges for services provided from both the hospital and your physician. The following paragraphs explain the separate bills you will receive

St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital Bill

You will receive a statement from St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital that summarizes all tests, procedures and supplies provided during your hospital stay. This statement is for hospital services only. This statement does not include the fees related to the professional services provided by your physician(s). Both your facility and professional services bills will be submitted to your insurance carrier on your behalf. You will be responsible for payment of the applicable hospital deductible, coinsurance and non-covered fees as determined by your insurance plan.

Physician Professional Bills

Physicians who provided care to you during your hospital stay at St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital will send you statements separate from the hospital statement. The statement for physician services can include specialists providing you services such as emergency medicine, radiology and pathology. The physician bills are in addition to your hospital bill.

Patient Price Transparency

St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital has made available a copy of its standard charges for items and services provided. This list is provided in order to help patients understand what their potential financial liability might be for services obtained at a St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital, and to compare charges for similar services across hospitals.

The amount that is paid for items and services provided to a particular patient may differ significantly from these standard charges, depending upon several factors such as the patient's insurance coverage, deductibles and co-pays. Insurance plans may negotiate rates for in-network providers that are substantially lower than standard charges. In some cases, items and services may be "bundled" by an insurance plan to reflect expected treatment for certain diagnoses or surgical procedures, notwithstanding the actual charges. Many other variables may also affect the amount that is actually paid by or on behalf of the patient. Consistent with our community focus, St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital offers financial assistance for demonstrated need in appropriate cases.

View hospital standard charges (XLSX file)

Financial Assistance/Charity Care

In accordance with our Mission and Core Values, St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital is committed to caring for all people regardless of their ability to pay, with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable. St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital offers financial counseling and assistance to help address any financial concerns patients or families may have regarding their care. St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital financial aid policies reflect our dedication to working together with our patients in a compassionate and caring manner to identify options for resolving their financial obligations.


Plain Language Summary - English
Plain Language Summary - French
Plain Language Summary - Spanish
Financial Assistance Policies
List of Providers Covered by Financial Assistance Policy

For any questions regarding your bill or statement you may contact Patient Financial Services during business hours:

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4 PM EST

Call: 1-888-855-3961

Fax: 1-855-490-1799

Patient Payment Remit Address:

St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital
PO Box 371863
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7863