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Benefits to Employers

What is a "neighborhood Hospital?"

A neighborhood hospital is a fully-licensed, general acute care hospital, designed to offer closer, faster care with an exceptional patient experience where people live and work, open 24/7, 365. Our offerings include: 

Why send employees to a St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital?

Award-winning patient experience
  • 89% of patients rate overall experience at 5 of 5 hearts (based on 8000+ surveys)
Time savings
  • Our hospitals are 53 minutes faster from door to discharge than Indianapolis average
    • Lower need for admissions
    • Less chance of infections
    • Less time away from work
Improved health outcomes
  • Little to no wait times
  • Personalized, quality care
  • Faster treatment
Cost savings
  • 15-20% cheaper on overall cost of care due to time savings and improved health outcomes

Quicker treatment and a higher quality of care can result in less time employees spend away from work with injuries and illnesses.

Download the Employer Presentation for more information.

If you are interested in partnering with St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital to provide high-quality, efficient care for your employees, or to learn more, email Anna Phares, Field Marketing Manager, St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital.